Bhagalpur University Constituent Colleges

Updated on: Feb 12, 2013

T.M. Bhagalpur University has many constituent colleges for providing education at graduate level. A list of these colleges is given below.
  • T. N. B. College, Bhagalpur
  • S. M. College, Bhagalpur
  • RD&DJ College, Munger
  • Marwari College, Bhagalpur
  • J. P. College, Narainpur
  • Murarka College, Sultanganj
  • J. R. S. College, Jamalpur
  • P. B. S. College, Banka
  • S. K. R. College, Barbihga
  • B. N. M. College, Barhiya
  • G. B. College, Naugachia
  • S. S. V. College, Kahalgaon
  • J. M. S. College, Munger
  • H. S. College, Haveli Kharagpur
  • K.D.College, Gogari
  • Koshi College, Khagaria
  • K. M. D. College, Parbatta
  • D. S. M. College, Jhajha
  • B. R. M. College, Munger
  • R. S. College, Tarapur
  • K. K. M. College, Jamui
  • R. D. College, Shekhpura
  • Bhagalpur National College, Bhagalpur
  • T. N. B. Law College, Bhagalpur
  • K. K. S. College, Lakhisarai
  • Jamalpur College, Jamalpur
  • Madan Ahilya College, Naugachhia
  • Mahila College, Khagari
  • Sabour College, Sabour
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